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Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine Through Love, Passion and Health

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness.

- An experienced Chef's Journey Along The Raw Alkaline Path

Chef Sal's "Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine Through Love, Passion and Health" ranks highly among those exceptional cookbooks that manage to surpass culinary bounds and become an inspiration to all amateur chefs who are looking to better their lives and improve their diets. Filled with tens of amazing gourmet recipes for all occasions and of different levels of complexity, this new cookbook provides us with fresh, new takes on some classic raw recipes, as well as innovative and appetizing new meals.

You will discover how to prepare amazing foods that sound and look great - Zucchini Fettuccine Alfredo, Vegetable Potpourri, Dark Chocolate Pudding, and Avocado Creme Soup, as well as Roasted Cauliflower Pottage with Wilted Lettuce and Caramelized Onions, English Cucumber Soup with Carrot Salad and Tarragon Pine Nut Mmayonnaise, Guava Passion Fruit Custard with Star Anise and Strawberry, and many more mouth watering delicacies.

Just hearing and imagining how these gourmet dishes look is enough to leave my mouth watering! An extensive range of tasty appetizers, entrees, beverages, snacks, desserts, soups, sauces, salads and dressings can all be found within the pages of this lovely book. So don't let yourself be fooled by the seemingly pretentious names of some of the dishes you will find in this book, as Chef Sal credits the efforts his his beloved wife, Judy, for making each recipe easy to read and follow. Moreover, most recipes are supported by colorful and helpful images to assist any amateur cook.

The author's personal life story is just as inspiring as his journey along the raw food path. A Dutch immigrant of Portuguese origin, Salomon Montezinos arrived in Philadelphia during the 1970s, and quickly found success with Deja Vu, which he fondly refers to as "one of the grandest, award-winning restaurants in the United States". Chef Sal reveals that he has accumulated a vast culinary experience, with both cooked and raw foods, during his career as a professional chef, which spans several decades, yet it wasn't until 2004 that he discovered his true passion for alkaline, living foods.

As he began to put down "Discovering the Alkaline Cuisine", he realized readers could benefit from a broader introduction into the alkaline philosophy. Within a few introductory pages, Chef Sal lays down the fundamentals of the alkaline diet, and explains his motivations for writing this book. He believes his reasons can be easily grasped by attempting to answer one simple question "Where do we find raw, alkaline recipes for meals that taste good?" Before we unravel amazing recipes, some novice raw foodists may still wonder just what an alkaline diet is.

Some of us may remember from early school chemistry classes that alkalinity refers to the ability of a solution to neutralize acids. Well, the alkaline regime is, in fact, based on a range of foods that, after being consumed, provide the body with a specific beneficial residue called ash. This substance is rich in a number of minerals and, depending on the type of food ingested, may contain calcium, iron, zinc or copper, all of which are needed by the body in order to maintain health. Consequently, foods can be classified as either alkaline, neutral or acidic, in accordance to the PH of a solution of food ash and water.

People who have taken to the alkaline diet suggest it has remarkable effects in substantially improving energy levels, fighting obesity, increasing immune functions, naturally countering the effects of aging or increasing the health of your bones. Whether you have decided to try this diet and are interested in learning more about great ways to prepare raw, alkaline foods, or you just are just looking to try something new and daring, Chef Sal's book is designed to cater to the needs of any type of raw food enthusiast.

He stresses that the purpose of his work is not to convert, but to provide an easy answer to the tricky issue of mixing the healthy and the delicious into raw dishes that appeal to sight, smell and taste alike. Through a series of scrumptious and refreshing recipes, the author has undoubtedly succeed in relaying the fine points of a healthy, alkaline diet. And as his encouraging motto suggests, "Remember that whatever you choose to eat, always treat your body with respect."

In "Discovering Raw Alkaline Cuisine", you will also be introduced to a short and easy to follow guide for a happier lifestyle, centered on well-being and inner balance. True to the spirit of healthy dieting, Chef Sal not only suggests that we hurry to whip up his flavor-laden, savory raw dishes, but he also reminds us that what we eat is only a part of who we are.

Next to consuming healthful dishes, exercising both physically and mentally is vital to reaping the full benefits of the raw alkaline diet. Chef Sal included examples of his daily exercise routine, as well as practical advice for improving energy levels in everyday tasks. Swimming, jogging, running, walking, bicycle riding and any other activity that involves more movement, complemented by various forms of meditation will just add to the numerous advantages that a raw, alkaline diet can offer.

If you are new to raw alkaline food, do not get discouraged as you will be provided with a short but instructive guide to maintaining a proper raw kitchen, as well as ways to ready raw ingredients for a synergy of delight and nourishment, and tips on how to store raw foods to gradually enrich their flavors. A list of utensils that are required in order to obtain these small marvels of raw food preparation are also provided, alongside basic kitchen safety and health rules. A glossary of employed terms, together with some very helpful suggestions on various ways of processing raw ingredients will definitely make raw food preparation a whole lot easier, even to those not yet fully accustomed to making their own meals.

The exotic sound of some ingredients you will come across should not turn you away from preparing Chef Sal's heavenly raw recipes. Most of the ingredients included can be found at your local organic health food store, but just in case you can't find some of them, the author has prepared a list of websites where you can order any of the ingredients that are used throughout his book. Also, each ingredient benefits from a short presentation and usage explanation included in the "Odd Duck Ingredients" section, in an effort to make your journey into raw alkaline foods as pleasant and as easy as possible. You may be surprised at just how talented you are in the kitchen!

Chef Sal's lifelong experience with food preparation thus culminates in an outstanding line up of luscious raw dishes that you will surely enjoy. The quality of the natural ingredients, the mix of flavors and colors, of textures and scents that can turn to life through these recipes blend together in a completely novel encounter with what true raw food is meant to be - a fine balance between nutrients and energies, a delight for the senses and a source of complete health.

This book is the answer to the question "Where can I find raw, alkaline recipes for meals that taste good?".

The above information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (or your country's equivalent). Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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