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The Minimalist Raw Diet

Try this for 30 days if you dare... (after speaking with a pro on the topic first, of course)

Eating food as close to the time of picking from a plant or tree as possible is essential. Eat greens and veggies. Avoid root veggies when trying to avoid too much sugar. Eat fruit. Stick to just the different varieties of berries when avoiding high sugar intake. Eat seaweeds. Eat raw, soaked (i.e. sprouted or pre-sprouted) nuts, seeds and beans. Eat seaweed (try dulse or nori). Sprinkle turmeric on the beans sometimes. Eat lemons.

Drink plenty of water straight from a spring if possible. Water getting boring? Liven it up with a drink from the master cleanse. Add lemon and/or cayenne and/or dark dark dark maple syrup (preferrably from your own tapping) to the plain water sometimes.

Or to step slightly away from the "minimalist" aspect of this and use more of an "advanced" tool... blend greens, fruit and water to eat/drink (add fresh ground cinnamon if you feel like it). Some schools of thought suggest a higher ratio of fruit to greens early in the day and a higher ratio of greens later in the day.

Your Liver is Probably Toxic

What about fats? Coconuts, other nuts, flax & chia seeds, and avocados are great. Worried about DHA? I would be too. Your liver is probably toxic to the point it cannot create it's own from the plant foods provided. Either wait it out (if that jives with a professional's recommendation) because as you revitalize your body it will get back to functioning the way it was meant to... supplemention is possible I suppose (there is a vegan DHA product on the market)... eat small fish or try free-range eggs with DHA. Up to you.

Poop More To Detox Faster

Encourage cleansing by helping out your biggest elimination organ, the colon. Maybe try the salt water flush or cleansing tea described in the master cleanse if that's your thing. Maybe try daily enemas and/or weekly colon cleansing. Perhaps add to that a routine of relaxing in a dry sauna while sipping plain or lemon water (if a doctor ok's it). Try going in the sauna immediately after giving your lymphatic system a workout on the rebounder (providing a professional indicates you are fit enough to do so).

Dare You to Try - the Minimalist Meal Plan

I DARE you to try all/some of the above for 30 days (but ask a doc first) and see how you feel. Test for deficiencies, I dare you! My guess is there won't be any (although some standard tests measure things in a strange way that generate false positives and negatives, so try finding a naturopath to read the results or look online.)

Want a minimalist raw diet meal plan? No! Just snack all day. Eat when you're hungry. Don't eat when you're not. Your body knows what's up.

Make More Time for the Important Stuff

Everyone has a unique belief of what is considered healthy and what isn't. This is mine. There's too much other stuff to do in life then to worry so much about food. Work towards setting up a system, at your own pace, that matches your beliefs about what is healthy.. then set-it-and-forget-it. My advice is to choose xx amount of items that you are comfortable eating and make sure you have those on hand (or in the home) at all times.

And consume the food, don't let it consume you.

As Long As It's In Moderation, It's Fine! - Pffft!

The only time I say to be rigid is when you are venturing off what you believe is "your healthy path" even if you refer to it as "in moderation". Be vigilant about documenting it because I bet you'll forget the "true" date and time you ventured off, so write it down. I pay attention to those around me regularly that say they do certain unhealthy things "in moderation" and when asked how often, they might say "once a month" when I have witnessed as much as twice a week! Happens a lot! Are they lying? Doubt it, they just probably forget. After all, at least in my eyes, eating just one thing that is bad for you cancels out many more things that you do for your body that are good for you.

The above information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (or your country's equivalent). Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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