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Raw Chef's 'No Dehydrator Needed' - Reviewed

A brief outlook on the amazing possibilities of enzyme rich raw food preparation without having to use fancy expensive equipment.

Part of Russell James' exciting collection of booklets to assist aspiring raw chefs in the kitchen, No Dehydrator Needed includes over a dozen delicious raw recipes that can be prepared quickly and without the use of any dehydrated products. I was immediately drawn to the idea of putting together a raw cookbook with quick recipes, since many voices within and outside the raw community are critical of the amount of time it takes to prepare raw foods, with all the dehydrating and soaking involved.

Russell James has become somewhat of a household name in the raw food world. The prolific Raw Chef has worked on a multitude of books, DVDs and courses over the past few years, his career culminating with his latest 13-DVD, 10 week long program called How To Be You Own Raw Food Chef ...and Still Have Time To Indulge! This broad course can teach anyone how to prepare decadent desserts that look like they've been crafted by professional hands, as well as a number of secret tricks to making foods better, easier and faster.

Russell's own raw food journey started when he became disenchanted with a junk food based lifestyle and a merciless skin condition that had affected his face for much of his adult life. Seeking an alternative cure, Russell traveled to Thailand, where he went on a fast that introduced him to the miraculous raw food diet. Fascinated with the many unexplored possibilities of raw foods, Russell decided to focus on helping others learn how to prepare varied raw food meal that look great, taste amazing and are also extremely healthy.

With this mission in mind, No Dehydrator Needed boasts easy recipes such as Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms, Red Nut Croquettes, Cucumber Carpaccio with balsamic figs and cashew puree, Mushroom and Broccoli Curry with parsnip rice, spiced mango chutney, and Cucumber Mint Raita, as well as many more innovative meals you will enjoy. The tools needed to prepare these lovely meals only include regular raw kitchen appliances, such as food processor, juicer and high speed blender.

A good cutting board and sharp knives are also a must, especially for finely chopping softer ingredients. It is also important to remember that while some seeds and grains will still need to be soaked for several hours, fortunately, recipes such as chia seed porridge are usually consumed for breakfast, and you can soak all ingredients overnight, so you won't even feel you've made any effort. The Raw Chef advises us that sophisticated looking recipes, like Cucumber Carpaccio and Chipotle and Tahini Broccoli are guaranteed to amaze friends and family, with their subtle and nuanced flavors, so they make for appetizing entrees at parties or family dinners.

Some of my favorite raw things to consume are green smoothies, and I was very happy to see that they are a Raw Chef favorite too. The spinach and kiwi based Slurpy Toad looks and tastes a lot better than you would think, while the simple Mango and Spinach Green Smoothie is incredibly refreshing and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you're ready to immerse yourself in an world of intense flavors and colors, The Raw Chef's Recipe Series of booklets is a wonderful place to start!

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