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How To Make Delicious Raw Food Meals Quickly

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness.

As more and more professional chefs and nutritionists have become interested in raw dieting, numerous innovative raw recipes, as well as raw renditions of traditional dishes have been created, so that anyone can eventually learn to put together a varied and rich raw menu. Nonetheless, rawism is often still associated with tedious preparations in advance, such as sprouting, dehydrating and fermenting, all used to obtain a high degree of processing that can make you forget your food is raw.

Many of us still assume that only real chefs can work with ease and speed in a raw kitchen, while the rest of us must labor for hours for a healthy, raw dinner. This couldn't be farther for the truth. In our day and age, time-efficiency is important in every aspect of life, and raw food makes no exception. Instead of adapting our schedules to a raw lifestyle, we have adapted raw food to the accelerated pace we live by. When you've decided to make this change in lifestyle, devising a good strategy will not only ensure a smoother passage to rawism, but it will also help you find the motivation you need to stick to the raw path.

Use your kitchen allies

State of the art kitchen appliances like high-speed blenders, food processors, juicers, dehydrators, grinders, spiralizers, and sprouters can drastically reduce the time you will have to spend in the kitchen.

With the help of modern-day technology, even more complex dishes like nut cheeses, raw chocolate desserts, and raw pasties can now be prepared in a fraction of the time you would have spent whipping up the same raw meals just a few decades ago.

Although you are consuming foods in as natural a state as possible, processing and tenderizing the fibers within plants not only increases the absorbability of nutrients, but it also allows you to create mouth-watering, varied meals that anyone can enjoy! Raw butters, soups, spreads, breads and crackers that keep in the fridge for more than 24 hours, coupled with super-quick recipes for salsas and raw pasta will not keep you in the kitchen for more than a few minutes during a busy day.

In addition, planning your meals in advance allows you to have sprouted, soaked and dehydrated foods ready before you even start preparing a recipe. For this purpose, use the night to your advantage - soak beans, nuts and seeds, and dehydrate vegetable crackers, chips, or raw fruit leather overnight.

The K.I.S.S. method - Keeping it simple

Trying out a complex recipe that requires a great amount of preparation can yield great rewards, but sometimes you may not have the time or resources to spend preparing it. Many raw foodists eventually find that they appreciate whole foods in their unprocessed state - nothing is quite like peeling a ripe banana or mango and enjoying it the way nature intended, or mixing green leafy vegetables, wild greens and tomatoes in fresh, nutrient-rich salads.

Not only are these foods very healthy, but they are easy to carry around in a casserole, and they can be taken to work or school for a quick lunch or snack. However, simple doesn't only have to mean plain! Quick, amazing meals await any raw foodist with a penchant for experimentation: dates filled with pecan or almonds, raw bell peppers cut in half and topped with marinated mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, green onion and herbs, as well as nori wraps and celery sticks filled with guacamole, butters or raw cheese can work both as main courses and as snacks.

As you progress in your raw journey, you will likely gather more valuable experience, as well as pick up new tricks that will help you adapt and change recipes to suit your own tastes and nutritional needs. Staying open to new technologies, while also learning to appreciate foods in their most natural state will pave your way to the balance and diversity that are essential to long-term health.

The above information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (or your country's equivalent). Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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