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Chocolate Raw Food Recipes Book Review

Raw ChocolateThe following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness.

The Raw Chef's Recipe Series: Raw Chocolate Dessert Recipes by Russell James - The Raw Chef

Chocolate is probably one of the world's most appreciated desserts, yet people are usually careful about consuming it due to the high amounts of saturated fats, sugars and additives that are used in commercially available chocolates. Luckily, UK Raw Chef Russell James has put together a charming raw chocolate cookbook, filled with healthy and delicious nut based chocolate desserts that will win you over from the first bite.

This short recipe book is part of a special series that is meant to make preparing delicious raw meals easy and accessible to all amateur chefs at home. Russell James had spent years studying the culinary arts, when he accidentally discovered the raw diet while on a therapeutic trip through Thailand. He was immediately attracted to the philosophy behind this lifestyle and was amazed by the fact that food can taste and look so much better when eaten raw. He has been praised as UK's Leading Raw Chef by The Times and has traveled to many countries of the world to teach the perks of raw foodism.

I am especially passionate about chocolate and have wondered for years if there is any healthier way that I could incorporate my favorite dessert in my weekly diet. And I was absolutely thrilled to discover that I actually had so many exquisite options! Chocolate Mint Brownies, Cacao Crepes, Chocolate Bread, Chocolate Fudge Pots with Blueberries, Orange Double Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberry Jam and Summer Fruits, are only some of the incredible recipes that you will be able to find in this little treasure of a recipe-book. A total of 14 mouth-watering recipes, with clear and complete instructions, coupled with a brief introduction into raw foodism, just await your exploration!

To whip up most of these lovely recipes, you will need some basic gear that is found in any "raw kitchen": high-speed blender for the lush fillings and fruit purees, food processor for the dessert base, dehydrator to prepare crisp breads, as well as bowls and jars to sprout seeds. The ingredients to be used are all vegan and organic, and include cashews, pecans, raw cocoa butter, flax seeds, avocado meat, coconut oil, agave nectar, lemon juice and a few more colorful spices that will add a twist to each dessert. The ingredients alone sound so alluring, just imagine how excited your friends would be if they taste your homemade refreshing and savory raw desserts!

Moreover, as you go through the book, you will soon realize that these are more than just delicious "you-won't-believe-they're-raw" sweets, they are also highly nourishing and can provide countless micro-nutrients that promote good health. They are loaded with antioxidants, healthy monosaturated and polysaturated fats, calcium, phosphorus and essential trace elements like iron and zinc. By consuming raw desserts, you are actually adding value to your diet, rather than just stressing your body with unnecessary and sometimes even harmful substances.

Raw Chef Russell James has, without a doubt, managed to bring together an inspiring collection of raw recipes in this raw chocolate recipe guide, and with it, demonstrate once again that raw foodism is a complete and fulfilling diet, and that we do not need to give up our little pleasures to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

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