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Raw Mobility: Finding Vegan Foods When Away From Home

For people on a raw vegan diet, finding unprocessed food may be difficult when traveling. The majority of food distributors sell a greater amount of processed and packaged foods than raw produce. Stores often market healthy food as novelty products with both price and availability, and unless an individual is planning their route around the locations of Whole Foods outlets, places to get a meal might be a frustration to locate. Strategically planning every stop can take the fun of unpredictability out of a trip and doesn't really allow for spur of the moment changes, but in many restaurants, the only vegetarian option is french fries.

They are also limited by not having access to a kitchen. There is a general assumption that raw vegans, since they don't cook, largely have no use for a kitchen. However, food preparation goes far beyond just cooking. Raw doesn't mean unseasoned, and it definitely doesn't mean any shortage of mixing flavours and ingredients. Hand fruit are an easy snack option, but their water weight makes them prohibitive when traveling on foot or train. The road is lighter for vehicle owners, but the convenience comes at a higher environmental cost.

Even in smaller towns, more mainstream businesses are recognizing the changing demand and making small changes. Even corner convenience stores and coffee houses sometimes stock a bowl of apples and oranges. These options will do in a pinch, and can help hold travelers over until shops open, but they don't add up to a balanced meal. Some restaurants that focus specifically on breakfast and brunch items will also provide a greater number of fruit options, as fruit is considered a traditional breakfast food.

When visiting out of town, the food options that are visible to travelers suddenly decrease. Many restaurants now offer salads. In larger cities, like Toronto, veganism has its own neighhourhood, just like those of Little Italy and Chinatown, where both restaurants and grocers focus their efforts on whole foods, but between major cities

Many travelers end up turning to search engines and mapping software that search for local raw foods markets and restaurants that offer raw vegan options. The Yellow Pages directory made the change to a digital format to keep up with technology development. The YP Mobile App, combined with mapping software on their phone can help hungry travelers find places to get a good meal quickly, and maybe even discover a few more near home that they hadn't known about.

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