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Starting The Raw Food Journey

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness.

Whether you are contemplating going entirely raw or you simply want to consume a lot more fresh vegetables and fruits, walking down the raw food path can be a challenging, life altering experience. Fortunately, you do not have to take those first steps unknowingly. The raw food community is vibrant and friendly, and there are tons of resources out there, which can offer a great many incredibly useful tips, meal plans and strategies for all newcomers.

As with any other significant lifestyle change, we must first understand the rationale behind raw foodism before we can find the motivation to pursue it. Raw food essentially stands for organic, plant-based, pure, natural, enzyme-rich nutrition that can nurture both your body and your mind, while helping you achieve inner balance, manage or even overcome illnesses, as well as feel younger and more energetic than ever before. Most people turn to the raw food diet after having less than satisfactory experiences with other types of cooked diets, and are pleasantly surprised to discover how much rawism can do for their health and appearance.

There are several classifications of raw food groups that are currently popular within the raw food world, yet all of them include items like green leafy vegetables, sprouted legumes, herbs, wild greens, salad vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, mushrooms, seaweeds, oils, and natural sweeteners. Using standard kitchen equipment, as well as a few "raw" devices, such as a blender, food processor, and juicer, you can easily whip up the raw version of just about any dish you can think of. In fact, many raw cookbooks provide delicious recipes for pizzas, burgers, steaks, milkshakes, chocolates, crackers, ice-creams, and pies, all 100% raw.

Unlike with other drastic diets, being raw is not about exclusivism, but about gradually integrating more and more healthy, living foods into your diet, while leaving out highly processed, fatty and sugary meals that add no real value to your nutrition. Most raw foodists take months or even years to transition to a fully raw diet, while many still remain mostly, even though not entirely, raw. For an eating regime to be considered raw, at least 70% of what you consume should be uncooked plant-based meals. As you begin incorporating more and more live, raw foods and eliminating convenience foods from your diet, you might experience detoxification symptoms that could discourage some from continuing their raw journey. These symptoms may include diarrhea, rashes, spots, headaches, dizziness, coughing and other mild discomforts that will pass quickly, as your body detoxifies and eliminates the chemicals that have accumulated over the years.

To speed up this toxin elimination process, you could try eating even more simple, raw, fresh foods during a brief 3-day detox. In fact, by staying in touch with the raw food community, you will often discover new and innovative meal plans, recipes and other useful advice on how to improve health and the quality of life. These little things make raw foodism a dynamic and interactive style of living that can reward individuals on many levels.

You can further optimize your current menu by exploring an easy to follow raw food diet plan from a certified nutritionist, such as the popular Rocking Body Raw Food Diet, among others. An abundance of information awaits those who desire to deepen their knowledge of nutrition and health. You will soon find that learning why raw means being healthier, more colorful and energetic is just as important as finding that unique combination of foods, activities and kitchen routines that enable and encourage you to persist in this noble pursuit of a better life.

What Do I Eat On A Raw Food Diet?
Choosing the food items that are good for you and sticking to a raw food diet plan can sometimes seem difficult, especially since we are constantly surrounded by so many convenient, but unhealthy, products that get us hooked on their added sugars and trans fats. However, raw foodism is in fact incredibly permissive, and it includes foods that make use of healthy vegetable oils, as well as lovely desserts that can satisfy any sweet tooth.
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Intense Cravings When Going Raw And How To Get Through Them
Intense food cravings can be hard to control and often plague the attempts of novice raw foodists of fully embracing a raw lifestyle. However, there are ways to overcome them, provided that one understands why they are there, and turns to some enjoyable raw alternatives to traditional snacks and desserts, such as raw fruit ice-creams and raw sweet potato chips.
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Is There Such Thing As Comfort Eating With Raw Foods?
Most of us, raw or not, act on our food cravings more often than not, but we rarely are aware of the fact that we are eating foods for comfort, and not for nutrition. The consumption of unhealthy foods for emotional comfort is perhaps the world's most widespread means of self-harm, and a novice raw foodist's greatest challenge in his journey into the raw lifestyle. Find out some ways to beat comfort eating with raw foods.
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Dealing With Social Situations As A Raw Foodist
As raw foodists, we are often faced with social situations where the only type of food available is cooked and highly processed. Many of us end up feeling uncomfortable, or focusing so much on how to resist temptation, that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Find out some simple ways of enjoying social situations without compromising your raw health principles.
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Is It OK For Children To Eat Raw? What Do I Feed Them?
Raw foods can work wonders for many people - they can help adults regulate body weight and fight stress, they can support brain function in the elderly, as well as assist with the management of numerous illnesses, but are they suitable for children? Find out how to balance your child's nutrient intake with wholesome, raw foods for long-term health.
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When Going Raw, Are There Concerns For Nutritional Deficiencies?
The argument of nutritional deficiencies is often brought up by critics of the raw lifestyle, and, while raw foodists may indeed be vulnerable to deficiencies, the truth is that so is everyone else. Since unbalanced nutrition threatens all people, knowing what are the best raw vegan sources of nutrients can help you avoid nutritional deficiencies and lead a long, healthy life.
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How To Deal With Conflicting Information In The Raw Food World
Raw foodism is a rapidly expanding community that has grown and developed tremendously over the last few decades. While this is wonderful news, the downside of this expansion is that its many voices are now often advocating conflicting approaches to what living raw really means. Learn how to appease them while still remaining faithful to your own raw journey, by sticking to the core principles of raw foodism.
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How To Lose Or Gain Weight On A Raw Food Diet
People may turn to raw dieting for a number of personal or medical reasons, but the reality is that most of us do it when we realize that we have lost control over our bodies and can no longer maintain a healthy body weight. Learn how to reclaim your health and reshape your body with the help of wholesome, raw foods.
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How To Make Delicious Raw Food Meals Quickly
Raw foods are nutrient-rich, pure, organic, detoxifying foods that can transform our lives and rejuvenate our health, but can they be prepared fast enough to match today's hectic world? Most of us often find ourselves pressed by other commitments and can't afford to spend too much time in the kitchen. Learn how to make quick and easy raw meals, using the best of what both nature and modern technology have to offer!
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Does Raw Food Eating Boost Energy Levels?
High-calorie foods are often quoted as being good choices for fast and substantial energy boosts, but do their benefits really outweigh their drawbacks? Can better outcomes be achieved by consuming wholesome, raw foods that are buzzing with vital substances? Learn how to be healthy and balanced with fresh and dense raw foods, packed with energy-giving, live nutrients.
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As A Raw Food Vegan, What Should I Eat During The Winter To Stay Warm?
Winter-time can pose serious dietary challenges to a raw foodist, especially since most organic, green foods are no longer available. As our immune systems are fighting off cold viruses and our bodies are striving to keep us warm, we may sometimes feel drained. Find out how to ace the cold season without difficulty by sticking to raw, vegan foods.
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Raw Foods For Pain Relief
Rich in analgesic and anti-inflammatory substances, raw foods can help us deal with many of the common aches and pains, including cramps, joint-pain, migraines, muscle weakness and headaches. Discover how to maximize the soothing effect of wholesome, raw foods and keep these health problems at bay by consuming just the right meals for the right kind of pains.
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The above information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes. The statements above have not been evaluated by the FDA (or your country's equivalent). Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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