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Successful Self-Dentistry by Nadine Artemis

Healthy Teeth and GumsThe following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness.

As so many Americans sadly discover that they still have tooth problems, even after carefully following the classical rules of oral hygiene as promoted by traditional dentists nationwide, the compelling new book Successful Self-Dentistry, How to Avoid the Dentist Without Ignoring Your Teeth by Nadine Artemis now enables anyone to learn how to correctly care for their teeth in a truly healthful, environmentally friendly, toxin-free, holistic and harmonious manner.

Praised by many for her outstanding line of botanical elixirs and essential oils, author, wellness expert and founder of Living Libations, Nadine Artemis, has been drawing the attention of celebrities and receiving positive reviews from major publications such as The New York Times, The National Post and The Hollywood Reporter. Her latest work provides a brief, but very dense introduction into the practice of self-dentistry at home, featuring detailed explanations of virtually everything you need to know about gum and tooth health, nutrition that promotes it, as well as easy ways of achieving it from the inside out. Luckily, Nadine went to great lengths to explain many of the highly specialized concepts that prevail in medical science nowadays in a concise, comprehensible language, that will keep you hooked until the very last page.

Filled with valuable advice on how to find and select a holistic biological dentist, thoroughly prepare your teeth for a dental appointment, strengthen overall immunity (and implicitly the ability for your teeth to withstand stress), as well as use botanical extracts for soothing and invigorating effects, Successful Self-Dentistry is a true jewel on the virtual-shelf of any health enthusiast. While revealing some of the hushed facts about dental fillings that contain mercury, scraping tools, and standard dental procedures that can easily turn the mouth into a breeding ground for bacteria, Nadine's solution consists of 8 simple and proven steps to ensuring lasting oral health by using basic, natural resources like spring water, salt and oils.

Drawing on her vast experience with botanical health serums and elixirs at Living Libations, Nadine Artemis based her holistic approach to dentistry on years of intense study and reflection. She reveals that the teeth are not stand-alone components of the oral cavity, but integrated parts of the whole body system, that draw their nourishment and inner health from within the body itself. Therefore, classical dentistry may effectively patch degraded teeth, but often at the cost of gradually damaging the entire body.

Nadine's ambitious, new book turns out to be an amazing resource for those who are looking to address the deeply rooted causes of tooth problems, and also achieve a lifelong inner balance through proper nutrition, personal hygiene routines and many other useful instruments.

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