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Video: The Raw Food Dessert Rap

Below is an original YouTube video with a bit of humour and some educational aspects regarding raw food desserts.

Raw Food Chocolate Recipes
Raw Food Dessert Recipes - Raw Dessert Book

It's not all about chocolate and sugary snacks you know...
u gotta learn about that raw food dizzurt...delicious and healthy

No my kids aren't deprived because they don't eat chocolate bars and gum
Ok, yeah they eat chocolate and candies but we change it up some
Our sweets are made of raw cacao, sulfite-free dried fruit, soaked nuts and seeds
These candies are actually healthy and they don't destroy their teeth
Yeah we created an event called Healthy Halloween
The kids had a ton of fun at MonkeyTown you really should have seen
I just want to mention to those who want to listen
There are other options, you really don't know what you're missing

Eating raw food dessert so yummy in my tummy
Raw food dessert, R-R-Raw food dessert, Y-Y-Yummy

Yummy banana ice cream with melted carob sauce
Don't wanna try it? Really? Well, that's your loss
My kids are even happy with a handful of raisins
Cacao is loaded with antioxidants it's really quite amazing
Grab yourself a raw dessert book
Below this video take a look
I only scratched the surface of simple raw snacks
Dessert can be tasty & healthy, these are the simple facts

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